Your Fired: What Getting Fired Taught Me About Success

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was my sophomore year in undergrad and I just landed my first internship with a very reputable PR/Advertising firm in the city.  It was an awesome opportunity to get my foot in the door and gain practical knowledge that I can use throughout my life, little did I know that the lessons that I was going to take away had more to do with life, responsibility and accepting fault than it had to do with public relations.

It was a month into my internship and things finally starting to get moving, I must admit I knew little about public relations prior to accepting the internship so the learning curve was heavy.  We were in the middle of planning an event and spring break/vacation was starting in a couple days.  Fast-forward to spring break, we had off for school and because my internship was tied to school I assumed that when we are off school we are off for interning. NOPE, that was not the case and next thing I knew I was getting fired for a no-call no show.  No more internship, no more learning PR and I officially started my path on learning some lessons on the path for success which are: 

  1. No excuses- There are no excuses in the real world. If you don’t do what you committed to do, especially in regards to professional commitments excuses will not get you far.  
  2. If you don’t know, ask- The first thing that I should’ve done was ask and get clarification on my schedule. I didn’t and made an assumption that ended in a negative result. It never hurts to ask questions and get clarity. Communication is always recommended.
  3. Don’t take things for granted- No matter what the position is that you are currently functioning in (internship, entry-level...etc.) never take the experiences that you are gaining for granted. There are lessons in everything, we just have to take the time to learn them. 
  4. Setbacks happen- As we continue to grow in our careers and in life, we will experience setbacks and that’s okay because with setbacks there’s always a comeback around the corner. Which leads me to my last point
  5. You will survive -I know whenever you are going through a season of “failure” or an experience that seems like you have ended your whole future you don’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, guess what? The light is there and it is shining bright! You just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep it moving.

The thing is the path to success is not straight and narrow. It is has up's and downs, potholes and curves and sometimes we get lost but don’t give up, believe me it is all worth it!