Life Of A Bombshell Cosmetics Review

Hi, Beautiful People!  I'm so excited to bring you my next beauty review and this time it is for Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics.  Life of a Bombshell is a new cosmetics company, founded in 2017. With a goal to provide quality products at an affordable cost to women who are movers, shakers and jetsetters,  Life of a Bombshell is perfect for those of you who want to "slay" at great cost. 

So, here's the deal, I was given three lip shades to try out and review.  The shades are Mogul, Jetsetter, and Chicago.  I received these products at the private launch party for the makeup line and had them for about a month before filming my review.  

Here's what I loved about the products. 

  • Affordable- These lipglosses and lipsticks are very much budget friendly w/o skimping on the quality.  The going rate for lipglosses is $14 and if you catch them on sale $10. You can't beat that
  • Quality- As mentioned above the quality of the products are good. They are not watery or sticky
  • The "Feel"- The "feel" of the lipglosses and lipsticks matter, and these go on smooth and have long wear/last. 
  • Variety- There is a good amount of colors to chose from for all skin types and shades.  This is important because it allows you to be bold if you want or if you're like me stick to what you know.  My favorite shade is the mogul lip color. 

So, do I have any cons? Not really, if I did it is basically my own issue with not really stepping outside of the box to try different and bolder colors.  Like I said on the video, I tend to stick to one shade family but I'm going to try and change that this summer with colors.  

If you're interested in learning more about Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics make sure to watch the above video review and visit  

Don't forget if you purchase anything, let me know what you think, what colors you chose and how you rocked it.

Until next time, continue to walk in purpose!



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