Good Works -VS- God Works

May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed”
— Psalms 20 vs 4

I'm going to start this blog out with a couple questions for you. 

Question number 1- How many of you feel like you're walking in your GOD given purpose? 

Question number 2- How many of you feel as if you know what you're purpose is but you have too much going on to truly walk in it?

Last question- How many of you feel depleted from doing so much in your life that you can't focus on walking in what you truly are supposed to be doing?

If you shook your head to questions 2 and 3, it's time to question the balance of your good works vs your God works.  Let's break this down.  What are Good Works?  Good works are those things in life that we do that keep us moving ahead, the things that you find yourself doing that move you ahead, make you feel good, you do them daily, weekly and monthly.  These are the things that you do that come so easily to you that you don't think twice about doing them.  You do them for your family, friends, you do them to move ahead professionally, educationally and personally.   It's things such as joining boards, volunteering,  being the person in your family that everyone goes to, you know the things that make you feel good.  It's the things your passionate about but these are also things outside of the things you're destined to do.  Now, let me preface that nothing is wrong with Good works, they get us through life, they make us feel good and allow us to have satisfaction in life.  But we need to be very careful to pay attention to when your Good works start to overpower your God works. 

Many are the plans in a person’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
— Proverbs 19 vs 21

So, what are God Works? God Works are the things that you're purposed and created to accomplish.  They are the things in life that you were born to do.  You will know that these things are because your soul will long for it in everything you do.  You will always be lead to do it, no matter what you're doing, something will bring you back to this particular area of your life. You will be scared to do it, you won't believe you can do it, it will seem like a mountain, BUT GOD knows that you can.  Your GOD WORK  will require faith beyond measure, it will come to you in your dreams, it will be what you daydream about doing and the heaviness of walking in it will overwhelm you. BUT GOD will more than equip you to do it above and beyond what you think.  Your GOD WORK will be the thing(s) that you do that will be used to empower others,  invoke change or move things ahead.  It will be more than you and it will impact others in a way that only allowing yourself to be a vessel of GOD can. It will move you into unknown territories. 

This is why you have to be very careful and very diligent to not allow your Good Works to outweigh your GOD WORKS! This is why we need to take inventory in our lives about the distractions that are placed in front of us that keep us from walking in our GOD WORKS. 

Distractions are the enemy of purpose
— Lachelle Binion

Good distractions will keep you feeling like you're moving but in reality, you're standing still in your purpose.  So here's what we are going to do.  

1. Bring out your journal or take out a piece of paper

2. Make a list of all of your daily Good Works in one column.  The things that you are doing that are keeping you from walking in your purpose.  Focus on the things that you're doing for your family, friends, etc..

3. Make a list of all your monthly Good Works and the things that you're doing outside of the family, friends...these can be a community/professional boards that you're on, other volunteer opportunities, professional and/or educational duties...things of such. 

4. Lastly, make a third list of everything that you're doing that feeds into your GOD WORKS.  The things that you're doing that move you further in your purpose, what are you doing that is igniting your purpose or moving you further in it?  

Now compare those list and see where your energy is going and if it's not balanced, reevaluate where you need to cut back and add to your GOD WORKS, believe me when you start walking in what GOD has planned for you, nothing will be able to stop you!