It's 2018!! 365 days of Learning, Living and Still Figuring it Out.

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Happy New Year!! It's officially a new year, 2017 is over and we now have 365 fresh new days ahead of us, don't worry this is not going to be a new year, new me post.  To be honest, I kinda like the person that I am now and the person that I'm growing to be so I'm cool in that. But, this is a post on me reflecting back on the last 365 days and sharing some of the lessons that I have learned and will carry with me into the next 365. 

Number One- It's okay to celebrate you!  And I mean this outside of your birthday.  Leading up to the new year,  we often see a lot of people post about the trials and tribulations that the year has given them, I seldom read or hear a lot of the celebrations that the year has brought.  In 2017, I've learned that it's okay to celebrate your wins.  I did a lot in 2017, I started a great new position, "rebranded" my website, started the Heels and Deals Accountability Group, but most of all I rekindled my relationship with GOD on a much deeper and intimate level.  I'm excited to celebrate those things, and I'm excited to celebrate the future wins as well. 

Number Two- Timing is everything. Or rather, GOD's timing is everything.  I've learned and to be honest, I'm still learning how not to allow other people to dictate the timing of my life when it comes to my business, career and personal relationships. The thing is I'm learning to tune into God and what he says when he urges me to move I do it.  In the past, I would move because I thought If I didn't move that I was "losing".  For example, if I didn't write the book, or publish the planner or plan the event in the time that everyone else said I should I was losing out on something.  It got overwhelming trying to do what everyone else wanted me to do that I got to a point where I no longer was listening to what God told me to do.  That's not a good place, it's a confusing place full of anxiety and stress.  I've learned to tune out what is not needed and tune into God. and he has taught me that his timing is everything.  He teaches us that through his word, and he develops us to be who he needs us to be so that when that release takes place, it will be based on his foundation and not our own.  

Number Three- Sometimes loneliness happens and it sucks, but you have the power to change your perspective on it.  I spent the majority of 2017 by myself or in unnecessary situationships with men who didn't deserve my time or body (just being real).  The thing about loneliness is that it can lead us to make wrong choices just so we can fill the emotional and physical "hole" that we think is missing from our lives.  But I've learned that there is a difference between being lonely and being alone.  Lonely is when you find yourself sending that text or responding to one that you know you shouldn't, or open up those spiritual doors that GOD had closed a long time ago just so you can feel something.  Alone is knowing that you're worth more than text messages and empty nothingness, it's knowing the difference between someone who wants to really get know you and date you and someone who is still playing.  It's knowing that even though you may spend plenty of nights Netflixing without the chill, you would rather have that than picking up the pieces of a situation that should've never taken root.  I'm no longer entertaining lonely in 2018 or beyond.

Number Four- Self-care is necessary!  One of the things that I struggle with is self-care, and that includes mental self-care.  I often find myself being that friend or family member that takes on a lot emotionally.  I don't mind being the sounding board, listening ear or shoulder to cry on for people in my life.  But I also learned that with that comes the responsibility of taking a mental break.  Especially when you add work, side-hustling and everything else that life brings you. When you choose to not take care of your mental, everything breaks down, believe me! I've learned to be a little more selfish and that's okay.  I still love ya'll but my mind needs a break.  

Number Five- Along with the above self-care portion, I've learned that having a great squad of friends and support can help you in so many ways.  I'm blessed to have a great core group of friends and family that are there when I need them.  They allow me to pause when needed, cry when needed, have fun when needed and support me when needed.  I know that God purposely placed them in my life and I'm forever grateful that he gave me the family and friends that he designed. God placed angels in our life to help him, I'm truly thankful for that.  

Number six- With that, I've also learned that everyone is not going to be there.  That some people are meant to be in our lives for whatever purpose they serve and it's okay to say goodbye and close that door.  Don't hold on to people that you're supposed to let go of.  It's not doing either of you any favors by dragging along what was meant to be cut loose. Can you imagine if you could physically see yourself dragging and pulling everyone along that was supposed to be gone from your life?  How tiring can it be pulling the weight of yourself and others? No wonder you're not getting to our purpose or to your destination, you're pulling to much weight!! God is saying let it go, the minute you let it go whether it is people, fears, insecurities, hurt, anger...etc, you will be amazed at how fast you will move. Let it go so you can run and soar!  I know that part of that was for me, but if it was for you as well, take it because GOD is trying to tell you something. 

Number seven- Last but not least, I've learned that when GOD says go, go.  If he says do, you do and if he says no, then it's a no.  In 2017,  I did so many things that were faith walks, trust falls and listening to God.  I ended the year and will begin the year meditating on the verse

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness
— Matthew 6 vs 33

Mediating on that verse changed my life because it allowed me to go to God first.  I turn to him when making choices, and even though sometimes I fall short on making the right choices because I'm still learning to choose his will over mine, God teaches me and allows me to pick myself up, dust myself off and humbly come back to him to do it the way he told me in the first place.  That's the thing that I love is that God will never leave us or forsake us.  He's always there cheering us on, guiding us and loving us, we just have to let him in.  That's the biggest lesson I learned in 2017 - to let GOD in so that he can do the work he created me to do and my life is changing because of it. My thoughts and actions are changing because of it and I embrace it. 

I hope you continue to join me and I explore 2018 and what it will bring!

Happy New Year everyone!