Shed..Grow and Repeat

Did you know that the main reason that snakes shed their skin is so that they can grow? This is a lifetime process that snakes do over and over again so that it can remove parasites that may have attached to their old skin.  Basically as the snake grows, it's skin becomes stretched to the point in which further growth is not possible unless it shed's it skin.  Now that I pretty much grossed you out, let me get to the point

How many of us can apply this concept to our real life?  How many of us are holding onto things that we need to "shed" off so that we can grow into our full potential? One of the things that sticks out to me about this whole process of shedding is that it is ongoing throughout your whole life.  This means that in order to grow we have to understand that we will always come into points in our life in which it's time to "shed".  This can mean "shedding" of relationships, jobs, negative mindsets...etc.  Can you imagine how hard it must be to to be restricted from fully walk in your purpose or be used as a true vessel to empower others because you're still confined in your old skin?  Basically, your purpose is trying to escape, but you're keeping it trapped because you're holding on to what needed to be shed a long time ago. The only way that you can truly embrace who you're meant to be is to accept the process of "shedding" in your life.    

So, if you're reading this and this applies to you,  do me a favor, take out a pen and paper and draw three columns. (this is an example of an activity that I do in my "Purposeshops"). 

  • Column 1 write down what the things and/or relationships that you know you need to shed.
  • Column 2 directly next to your "shed" column write down one reason that you're holding on to whatever you wrote in column 1.
  • Column 3 directly next to your reason, write down either the direction your life will be or how you would feel if you "shed" column 1.

I bet that once you start to read the reasons in column 2, column 3 will greatly outweigh  to why you're holding.  

Maybe you don't even realize that it's time to start your shedding process, a key to knowing is whenever you start to feel like you have "outgrown" something.  That you no longer fit the mold, the job, the relationships...etc.  When you start to feel like that, that means that it's time to do an evaluation.  Remember this is an ongoing process because we are always growing, always learning and always reaching new levels.  But at each level reached, each time to complete a "shedding" process you grow into the person you're destined to be and you allow room for more development, more goals, more purpose, more relationships and the list goes on.   So go right ahead and get your "shed" on! 

p.s. Let me know in the comments if you did the above activity and if it helped you :0)