Failure is an Option!

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I know that many people that read the title of this blog probably turned up their face, or gave it the side-eye, but continue reading and allow me to explain. 

One of the things that make me cringe is whenever I read a quote or a phrase that states "failure is not an option".  I get it,  I understand what the phrase is trying to say but some of the best advice that I can give you is that it's okay to fail.  I've had numerous times in life in which I've learned lessons from my failures, I got let go from jobs, hosted events in which no one came out to support, had at least two blog sites before this one and I'm sure there are more examples that I can list. But, the point is in each and everyone one of those endeavors that didn't work out, I learned from them. 

I learned resilience, I learned discipline, I learned my worth.  I learned how to make a game plan and how to be intentionally strategic in the decisions that I make for my business and personal life.  I've learned how to have a stronger faith in GOD, I've learned who to give my time and energy to.  You see, the thing about failure is that it teaches us more about ourselves.  When we have the thought process that failure can never be an option, it sets us up for unrealistic expectations that we have to succeed at everything we do.  That's impossible, we could never succeed at everything, how would we learn, how would we grow, and would we connect with others.  We all have flaws and it's okay to admit that.  

As someone that is a tad "Type A",  I know what's it's like to put pressure on yourself to succeed at everything, to push yourself to the limits and to live in other people expectations of who they think you should be versus who you know you're are.  It's exhausting! I had to learn that it's okay if you fall down, it's okay if you fail, just don't stay in that failure state of mind. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, learn the lesson, reconfigure the blueprint and keep it moving.  That's the cool thing about this thing call life if we're lucky enough we get another day to try again, to learn even more than we knew before.  Don't waste it chasing perfection but live it through your experiences, through those lessons and use that to guide you in the direction you should go. 

How about you, what's your view on failures?  How do you handle them?