35th Year of SLAY


This month I turned 35 (this week to be exact) and usually every year around my birthday I write a piece about the lessons that I learned for the year, but this year I wanted to write about something different.  I want to write about how since I have chosen to dig deeper into cultivating The Kismet Life as a lasting, sustainable business, the more I have learned that I also have to start living “kismetley” (yup, I made up that word…one of my many Lachelleisms…lol).  Anyway, I’m learning that as I help people discover, ignite and walk in purpose that I also have to do the same and be a product of my own brand!

For the past two years, I have been invited to an awesome vision board party hosted by one of my FAB “PurposeMates” (purposemates are soul mates with a purpose) Kyshira Moffett of the #HERmovement Brand.  It was during this party that I got an epiphany while I was cutting pictures for my board and that was that I need to spend this year as the “35th Year of SLAY” meaning that it’s time for me to start living my life more abundantly (that’s the reason GOD gave it to us).  So, I decided that I’m going to do 35 new things, things that I haven’t done before, things that I was fearful of doing and things that I just want to experience.   The crazy thing is I don’t even have full list or “bucket list” for this, I just want to experience newness this whole year.  For example, this weekend I have decided to go ice skating, I never been and I want to at least experience it.  Now will I like it, I don’t know but that’s the joy of this whole thing, we don’t know unless we try.  With that said, here a few tips for you start living more “kismetley” in the next year.



1. Discover what makes you happy- Take some time to discover who you are, by yourself.  Listen, if you don’t know who you are, what you like and what makes you smile how can you expect others to? Take some time to “date” yourself, spend some quality time with yourself and learn who you are.  This self- discovery period will require you to dig deep and even admit some things that you may not want to but it’s okay that’s what discovery is all about.

2. Fear is the enemy to greatness- As always, I’m going to continue to tell you to let go of fear.  I know that it’s repetitive but that’s because I literally hate fear, I hate that it grips us, I hate that it makes us believe that we can’t and I don’t want us to live in it.  You cannot walk in purpose and fear at the same time. LET IT GO!

3. Take the jump- I used to say that I’m the type of person that get excited, start running and when it comes time to jump I halt and stop.  I had and honestly sometimes still do have a case of the fear (there’s that word again) of flight but I had to change my mindset.  Now I say that if we don’t take the jump we will never realize that we are jumping into something fun, exhilarating and finding out that we are landing on a cushion. Sometimes the landing may be a little hard but that’s okay, I would rather JUMP and stick the landing instead of looking and wondering about it later in life.  Take the leap into purpose, you will not be disappointed.  

So, I invite you to follow me on this journey of the #35YearofSLAY. I will capture my “new experiences” each month either through blogging, Instagram or Snap Chat (another new thing that I’m trying out) so make sure to follow me on my social networks you can find those links below (snap chat lachelleb2) and start up your own journey, I would love to see us all taking our destiny by the hand and slaying it out.

Your friend in purpose

Lachelle B.