21 Facts!

This month I'm excited to announce the kick off of my blog series in which I will highlight "purposeprenuers" that have taken the leap of faith to chase after purpose and see what happens.  

Since I'll be reaching out and asking people to disclose 21 fun facts about themselves, I decided that there is no way that I can ask w/o first doing it myself  So here are twenty-one facts about me and make sure to check back next month as a highlight my first purposeprenuer! 

1. From the outside it would look as if Im a extrovert but I'm truly an introvert. I would much rather chill with a small group of people then be around large crowds and being alone reenergizes me.

2, I believe in the idea of love but I'm scared to death of falling in it.  

3. It's hard for me to see or function in "grey areas"...to me things are either rainbows or black. 

4. There are two movies that scare the heck out of me.  1. Nightmare on Elm Street (the first one) and Poltergeist (also the first one).  I mean who wants to get killed by falling asleep and scary kids are just weird. 

5. I've tried to go vegetarian 3x's but I keep getting pulled back in by chicken and crab (I don't know why they just won't leave me alone).

6. My favorite number is 3 because it signifies completion and confirmation.

7. I listen to Jay-Z to help me get over breakups or to get back into a hustle hard mind frame. 

8. If I can live in any city in the world right now it would be London, tomorrow it may be somewhere different.  The world is too big to just pick one.  

9. For me fear of success is greater than the fear of failure.

10. Fall is my favorite season and rain is my favorite weather (something about water the fact that it cleanses, is needed to help things grow and can relax you all at the same time inspires me).

11. The older I get the more I realize that I would rather have a few amazing friends versus one million "okay" ones. 

12. I love GOD with all my heart but I still question why somethings are the way they are.

13. I often have trouble letting go of people or situations that are aren't good for me, but when I do the cut off is real.

14. I'm allergic to chocolate (gasp) but I crave snickers. 

15. My biggest strength and weakness is my loyalty to those that I care about.

16. I tend to only see the best in people, it's as if my brain only sees what others can't see in themselves.  Because of this I tend to get hurt when they either can't see it. 

17. I find silent confidence sexy.  You don't have to brag to get attention, humbleness is an awesome trait.  

18. I started my business because of my desire to help others succeed in life. 

19. The more I walk in purpose the more I learn about how hard it is to maintain it.

20. My biggest fear is not living the life that GOD designed for me but living the life that I designed for myself (see number 9).

21.  One of my favorite things to do in life is to laugh, oh and to eat. Basically, if i'm eating and laughing I'm in perfect bliss.   

There you have it, just a few small facts about me.  I hope that you come back and check out this series and the people that will be highlighted.  

What about you, any funny, weird or silly facts that you would like to share?