Five for Five- My Top Five Go To Resources for Business and Nonprofit Growth-Podcasts

Running a business, side hustle or just trying to figure it all out can be challenging at times and without the help of individuals that have been there/done that it can feel as if you're walking around in circles and not reaping any results. 

With the world that we live in today, we have access to any resources that you can think of (especially with Google as your business BFF).  Often times I'm asked who or what resources to do you constantly use to help you are you grow your business.   So here are my top five podcast that I find myself constantly using or going to for growth, advice and tips. 

1. Joan Garry-Nonprofits are messy- Nonprofits are Messy Podcast is everything that you want to know or learn about nonprofits.   Between her blog and podcast Joan Garry is a nonprofit guru that will tell you how to build and maintain your nonprofit organization.  She also gives amazing advice and tips on fundraising and nonprofit development.  - -

2. GirlBoss Radio- If you don't know about GirlBoss Radio or the book GirlBoss stop what you're doing right now and Google it!  Created from the original #GirlBoss Sophia Amoruso, this podcast is all about phenomenal women doing it in the business and entrepreneurial world!  She has interviewed the founder and CEO of Bumble to the former Chief of Staff for President Obama and a hilariously funny interview with Jessica Williams former Daily Show correspondent.  Nothing is better than learning from other people and the story of how they got to where they are today.  -

3. My Taught You-    Pause for the cause for this one!  If you know me, then you know my constant admiration for all things Myleik.  The My Taught You podcast is by far my all time favorite because it's like you are talking to your older cousin who will tell you like it is without holding back.  She will give you business, entrepreneur and relationship advice that will get you back on track and ready to get your hustle on!  Myleik is so real and upfront about how she grew her successful business and got to where she got in life.   You can listen to her podcast from the very beginning (2011) to present and not miss a beat! -

4. Beyond the Business Suit-  Beyond the Business Suite was created by Kailei Carr and it's all things business, career and how you can rock banging shoes while doing it all.   This podcast will help get your mind right in your career and entrepreneurial dreams.  Kailei discusses topics such as how to build your professional network to interviewing Carol Sankar on how to build your confidence factor.   Make sure to check it out and start thinking beyond the business suite. -

5. So Money with Farnoosh Tarabi-  Okay ya'll, this is my absolute go to for all things money! Farnoosh writes a column for Oprah and recently starting writing for but even more than that, she is able to give you concrete advice on how to get your funds in order and come up on top of the game.  Not to mention the people that she interviews are beyond at the top of their game, they are moguls that are giving advice and tips on how to run your business and keep your credit in order!  If you are looking for ways to get your funds right-please-please-please check out So Money with Farnoosh! -

There you have it, my top five podcasts that I go to on a constant basis.  Try them out and listen to couple and let me know what you think, believe me you won't be disappointed.