The Intersection Between Purpose and Reality

Last week I had the amazing pleasure of speaking to group of dynamic young adults (teenagers) about the subject of passion and purpose.   The workshop was great! The questions that they had were greater! 

One of those questions was "How do you balance purpose or passion with the reality of having to work and pay bills"?  Meaning, what do you do when you reach the intersection of purpose vs. reality?  This got me to thinking about how to advise people that know that they want to discover their purpose (because I truly believe we all have one) or know what their purpose is but just is not ready to truly take the full leap to walk in it yet.  Believe me, I understand that the bills need paid or the savings need built.  In fact, I'm still working a full-time job while building on my purpose and here are five tips that I can give you that have worked for me. 

1. Don't stop pushing- Don't stop pushing through the "battle".  By that I mean don't stop believing that your purpose exists and that you were created to walk in it.  Whenever you start to feel that negativity weigh you down and life is coming at you throw your shoulders back and know that this is all part of the journey.  I don't know how many times both professionally and personally that I have going thru things and now in hindsight I see that it was all part of the story of me being able to give to others thru my purpose.  

2. Invest in yourself-  I can't stress this enough.  We can never stop learning and you should never stop finding ways to invest in yourself and build your craft.  This is especially key if you know that your "purpose" is in a different area than what you are currently working in.  There are numerous ways that you can achieve this, you can attend conferences, you can attend workshops/summits/webinars, you can even listen to podcasts or watch YouTube video's on how to continue to mold your expertise or your passion.  Find a way to continue to grow until the reality of your purpose becomes the reality of your life. 

3. Freelance or volunteer- One of the ways that I was able to balance not fully walking in my purpose with the current reality that I'm in was to start freelancing.  I would freelance for others or small organizations by offering them the skills that I have learned at a discounted price.  By doing this I was able to built up a clientele and at the same time built up my skill so that when I was ready to launch I would already have testimonials and even more I learned lessons that I can now avoid when going full-time.  Now, for my nonprofit entrepreneurs (because you're an entrepreneur and don't let anyone tell you otherwise) I would volunteer for a small nonprofit organization that can use your help and give your direct exposure to what you will eventually do when running a nonprofit. 

4. Get financially straight-I'm sure that you've heard this before but start to build a savings so that you can eventually do what for feel you're most passionate about.  I also know that this is easier said than done but it even if you start small and build your way up to saving more every penny counts.  A great way that I'm doing this is thru the app  .  This app has been a lifesaver when it comes to building up a savings.  Best of all the increments are so small you don't even notice.  Click here to find out more digit

5. Surround yourself with fellow purpose chasers-  I've said this before and I will say it again. In fact, I've written a blog on this (check it out here) but you have to make sure that you surround yourself with people that are willing to push you and encourage you to walk in your purpose. These are people that understand that reality can sometimes get in the way but it doesn't stop you from moving.  These are people that will collaborate with you to help you get your brand out, that will tell you the truth when you're slacking and will help push you when you feel like giving up.  If you don't have people in your life like this, start to network with groups that can give you access to them or attend a meet-up or event.  Remember your NETworth will depend on your NETwork. 

Well there you go, my five tips for when you are living in your current reality but wanting to walk in purpose.  Let me know what you think and feel free to leave any tips on how you're handling the balance right now or if you already to look the leap to turn to walking in your purpose full-time what tips would you give.