State Your Case: How to Write a Case for Funding-Part 1

Having a case statement is absolutely essential to success of any nonprofit or startup. Basically, a case for funding and or cast statement is the main reason(s) why you need support.  In the nonprofit world this is called a case statement. 

In this blog we are going to focus mainly on what a case statement is and why you need get one as soon as possible. 

As you read above case statements or your case for support is extremely important because it is the single reason for why a donor or a sponsor will give you money.  Without money you can't sustain your business (nonprofit or startup) so if you don't have a case for funding let's get on that! 

Here's an overview on case statements

  • Case statements explains the what, why and how.- Your case statement should tell the donor/supporter-WHAT you seek to accomplish, WHY you want to accomplish this and HOW you will accomplish it.  
  • Case statements can be used in ALL your organizational communications i.e., newsletters, websites, blogs, social media and donor materials 
  • Case statements are DONOR centered
  • Case statements outline your MISSION AND VISION
  • Case statements are the HEART of your fundraising efforts/campaigns

Case statements can also help you develop your mission and vision if you don't have one. This also goes for those outside the nonprofit world.  For those of you that are small business owners or startup's, I often find that some of the principles that nonprofits take on can greatly increase your bottom line.  You should also know why someone should support your business and even more so, why you're in business in the first place. 

Do you have a case statement? If so, share it below it might help someone else.