When Life Gives You Lemons-Lessons on How to Keep Pushing in Purpose

In honest transparency, sometimes it can seem as if everything is a wonderful life of "sunshine and butterflies" and that when you take the step to walk in purpose everything is "easy breezy". Guess what, that is not the case! Sometimes life gives you lemons and sometimes you just don't want to walk, let alone take the challenge to walk in purpose (raise your hand if you ever just felt unable to can...as I slowly raise my hand).  If you raised your hand, keep reading. 

So, this week I found out that I have to get a surgery, nothing extremely major but surgery still the same.  Needless to say, I've been a little bit stressed out thinking about it and when I'm stressed, I really can't sleep so I'm usually up throughout the night, thinking, reading or sending out S.O.S. texts messages or calls to those special people that I can vent to (huge thanks to the real M.V.P.'s in my life).  Anyway, during one of those nights of thinking and after a long conversation with a friend, I started to think about the lessons that I have learned about how to keep moving in life when you just don't feel like it.  Those times when it feels like, life and people have let you down, how do you keep pushing when sometimes you just want to stay down because it feels easier to just lay down and "rest". This is what I found out.... 

1. You have to make up your mind- When you get to the point of not feeling like pushing ahead, you have to make up your mind that your purpose and your goals are more important than whatever it is your going through.  Life is always going to throw your curve balls, especially when you are achieving a goal driven life. You have to take control of your thoughts and make up your mind that you going to push through regardless.  Believe me, I know that its easy to want to give up, but when you are truly chasing your purpose-giving up is not an option. 

2.You have to listen to your body- As mentioned earlier I was told this week that I have to go into a minor surgery, the thing is I have been dealing with the pain for months but just pushing through it and when I went to the Dr's the first thing he said was "Why are you putting up with pain"? Maybe your story isn't as intense as mine, maybe your body is telling you to rest, to exhale, to remember to eat.  Whatever it is listen to your body because if you don't you will get to the point in which your body will sit you down and make you listen. There's nothing cute in pushing yourself to the point that you are useless (and if you're useless your purpose will never get achieved). 

3.You have to call on your squad- I've said it before and I will continue to say it again and again.  The people who you surround yourself with and let into your life are extremely important to your purpose.  Whenever you feel like giving up you need those cheerleaders in your life encouraging you to keep moving forward or maybe you need that coach that will tell you to get up and stop laying down.  When I found out about my surgery I sent a couple.."Where are youuuu" calls/texts out to people to help me keep things into perspective. Find those people you can call on and reach out to, you can't do it on your own. 

4. You have to be willing to accept change- Change is one of the hardest things to accept in life. You have to be open to accept change and roll with it.  Maybe it is change in your relationships and eliminating people from your life that no longer serves a purpose or helps to inspire purpose. Maybe it is a change in how you actually work, you ever hear the phrase "work smarter not harder", sometimes we have to change how we are working so that it is beneficial to our lifestyles. 

Example, If you are a mother/wife/husband..etc,. or just have a busy life, set up a schedule that allows you to get your "purpose goal' work done consistently each day. Maybe it is before everyone wakes up or when they go to sleep, whatever it is make sure that it works for you, instead of you trying to get everything done all at once and stressing yourself out because you can't handle it all.

We were not created to handle everything at once! Imagine trying to move and carrying all your boxes at one time, it's not going to happen and in the end up not being able to see the path before you (your purpose), you end up breaking fragile things (your relationships) that are supposed to be intact, and you end up hurting yourself (your well-being).  Embrace change and allow it to take place in your life!

5. You have to make lemonade- I know that it sounds cliche, but when life gives you lemons get out the sugar and the water and start making lemonade!  As someone who always looks at the bright side of life and as someone who has a entrepreneurial spirit I'm always looking for ways to make a situation better.  You choosing to make lemonade may be the perfect path for your purpose.  It may open more doors than you know but you will never find out if you are too busy being "Debbie/Derrick Downer". Believe me when you are over there busy complaining about life, the next person is already on two gallons lemonade and ready to sell it. 

You have to try your best to never allow your circumstances and your feelings to dictate you accomplishing and walking in your purpose. Remember like I always say, your purpose is not about you, but the people and the change you are meant to impact.  If you aren't willing to push forward in your purpose when life gets tough, in actuality your are giving up on the people or change you are meant to have an impact on. Basically, its a waste of purpose! So, don't waste it, push on believe me it's definitely worth it. 

Bonus tip:  Get a "I need a break hobby" this is that one thing that you know will relieve stress no matter what.  In college when I was extremely stressed I used to build houses on the Sims (sometimes I still do) or I color, its a mindless way to just let go of whatever is stressing you out.