Nonprofit Tuesday-What is Thunderclap and Why You Need it in Your Life

Recently, the organization I work for was asked to virtually participate in promoting an upcoming rally to for women's issues.  In the promotion packet we were asked to use Thunderclap so naturally I went to research it and couldn't believe that I never heard of it before.  I mean the White House uses it so you know that it's dope! 

So what is it? Thunderclap is an amplification source or a crowd speaking platform mainly used by nonprofits and NGO's (non-governmental organization)  to magnify the organization message or cause by using the power of the "crowd" that supports your mission.  Basically, instead of asking people to donate money that they may not have you are asking people to donate their social media reach/followers so that you can reach them to "thunderclap" your message. 

Here's how you use it: 

  1. Set up your Thunderclap Page
  2. Create a custom message to appear on your page
  3. You can include a video and a link to drive traffic to your page
  4. Set the number of supporters you want to reach
  5. Set the date you want your message to :Thunderclap"
  6. Invite people to donate their social reach via their social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram )

It's that easy!  When you reach your goal of supporters that you set, your message is then blasted at the exact same time to all the supporters/followers that you got as a "donation". If you think about how many friends/followers you currently have and times that by how many your friends and supporters have this EXPLODES your message across social media.  What's even cooler, is that Thunderclap will send you analytic's of every single person that backed your campaign/cause which in turn build your email and supporter list that you can download. 

As a nonprofit this is an amazing tool to use to get your mission and cause in front of a large group of people, if you are fighting for women's rights,  fundraising for school supplies,  raising awareness of STEM education, whatever the cause may be using Thunderclap will definitely help you get there!  

Once again, here's the website to sign up and to check it out- it was free for us to setup a page and I definitely recommend it.  What better to use social media than for a great cause!  

p.s.  This is not a sponsored post just my personal thoughts on a great product. 

picture credit: Thunderclap