Why Your Net Worth Depends On Your NETwork: How to Build A Purposeful Network

I recently was talking to an awesome purpose chaser who runs an amazing nonprofit and we got into a conversation about support and the importance of having the right network to help you walk in your destiny.   I'm a strong believer that your  net worthpast, current and future strongly depends on your "NETwork".   I know that sometimes when I say that some people find it as being harsh but let me explain. 

When you are trying to get to higher levels in life, you have to evaluate those people who you allow in your network.  Whether you are on a spiritual journey, relationship journey or professional journey the people you allow into your life and into your dreams can either help build the foundation or break it down.  If you're trying to build your net worth (whatever that may mean to you) you are going to have to surround yourself with the right people. Here's how to know if you have a purpose-filled NETwork: 

1. Do they have the "N.E.T. factor? - Are the people that you surround you , 1. Noble (N) 2. Empowering (E) 3 Thriving?  When looking up the definition for the word noble, words such as good, virtuous, righteous, honorable, all pop up. To empower someone means to give someone power, to inspire them to tap into the power within them and lastly to thrive means to flourish, to bloom, advance.  Ask yourself the people in you life possess the N.E.T. factor. 

2. Whose in your "purpose-circle"-In the past I have written about and will continue to discuss the notion of what I call "purpose-circles" .  Your purpose-circle is a group of people that help to push you in your purpose.  These are those people that will hold you accountable, listen to you when you need to vent but also tell you the truth when you are bugging out.  They are constantly pushing you to be better, do better and achieve better.  Your purpose circle members won't be your basic acquaintance that you meet at a networking event or that friend that  you occasionally meet for coffee.  They are your inner circle!  Evaluate who you have right now in your life that you can include in your purpose circle and thank them because they are real "MVP's" in your life. 

3. Whose holding you accountable?- You are not going to get far in your purpose if you don't have someone who holds you accountable! Let me say that again,  you are not going to get far in your purpose if you don't have someone who hold you accountable!  Having an accountability partner is having someone who keeps you on track and hold you to your word.  It doesn't matter if it's in business, fitness or a relationship goal.  Having someone in your network that is able to meet with you and goal check with you is vital in building your  

4. Whose giving you advice?- We all need people in our life that have "been there and done that".  Those who have lived life enough to give you advice on how you can avoid the mistakes they made or how you can do things the right way.  This is usually a mentor, someone who you look up to and can help mold you in the way that you want to formed. You need to have someone on your life that can mentor you the right way.  This can be a professional mentor, a spiritual mentor, even a virtual mentor can count.  Think about who you have in your life that can help get you to where you want to be.  If you don't have anyone, start an inventory of those in your life that can connect you to someone (purpose circle anyone), and reach out to that person, send them a card, invite them for coffee or lunch (and pay for it).  Get someone in your corner

5. Who is allowing you to have FUN?-  Listen, as much as I'm about business and purpose chasing we all need to have fun and relax.  Who do you have in your NETwork that allows you to lay back and relax, or get you up and away from the computer for dinner and drinks. Who is that person that will make you have fun and remember what it is like to laugh?  Call them up and take them out NOW, you need this person in your NETwork because they keep you sane. 

Once you start to realize that surrounding yourself with a great NETwork is vital to your emotional well-being, the development of your purpose and who you are in general  starting to build your net worth will become easier. Plus, they will be there to push you in the right direction.