Nonprofit Tuesday: How to "Slay" the Nonprofit Game Using YouTube

Last week, I introduced “Nonprofit Tuesday’s” as a weekly series that will allow us to address all things nonprofit.   I started it by writing about “5 online fundraising tools you need in your life” and this week staying with the theme, I want to introduce a three-part writing series about how YouTube, Facebook and Twitter is literally changing the game for nonprofits.   

We all know the power of social media, instant connections with people from all over the world with one click.  But, have you ever thought about the power of using the three most popular social media platforms for your nonprofit? Let’s talk about YouTube.  YouTube averages one billion viewers globally a month!  Yes, ONE BILLION!  As someone who definitely watches YouTube at least once a day, I can believe it.   I tune into YouTube for product reviews, tutorials and just to watch certain YouTubers talk about life and how they live it.   So, why wouldn’t some of those one billion views turn into learning about your organization?  Let’s discuss ways you can make that happen.

1.  Enroll in the YouTube for Nonprofits Program- YouTube has a whole program dedicated to nonprofits (Yup, raise your hand if you knew that).   The YouTube program “gives access to unique YouTube features” that will help connect your organization to donors, supporters and volunteers.  By enrolling in the YouTube for Nonprofit Program you will also be able to use the donation module to raise fund directly through YouTube.  Think about having the ability to reach millions of people from all over the world to raise funds for your cause (I’ll give you five seconds…..).  Now sign up here-


  • You must be 501(c) certified
  • You have to create a YouTube Nonprofit Channel


  • Ability to get donations thru YouTube via the donations module. 
  • Ability to create call-to-actions/overlays within your videos-this will allow viewers to       click on your website or donate to your organization by clicking directly in the video.    
  • Ability to create link anywhere cards- with this ability you will be able to direct your  viewers to your external campaign landing pages (crowdfunding sites/blogs) or yourorganizations website within your video.  Different from call to actions in that this is  simple link.

2. Read and study the YouTube Playbooks - How many of you knew that YouTube had full playbooks to help guide you into becoming successful on YouTube?   What’s better is that you have access to it.  These playbooks will help you start your channel and give you best practices on how to sustain and grow it.  What’s cool is that they have not just for nonprofits but for branding, creating more.  I have them linked below, make sure to download and save them they will definitely help you in managing you YouTube goals.

3. YouTube Creator Academy- Subscribe to the YouTube Creator Academy.  This is a YouTube Channel that is all about creating on YouTube.   You learn “learn tips from savvy creators as they showcase their secrets and best practices - pre-production, production, building your channel, getting discovered, growing your audience, analytics, case studies, deep dives into different genres” New videos are uploaded every Tuesday.  Subscribe here-

4. Start Creating- YouTube can seem intimidating at first, especially if you don't like being in front of the camera.  But the best way to get over a fear is to work thru it.  Start thinking of creative ways to implement YouTube into your organizations fundraising and marketing campaigns.  You could create a information video about your organization, you could create a call to give and talk about why it's important, you could post weekly updates about what's happening in your organization, create testimonials.  We could go on and on, but here are some examples:  2015 United Way Campaign VideoFeeding America, Gwen's Girls. 

So, we went over four ways that you can start implementing YouTube into your nonprofit, comment below and let me know how your going to start using YouTube and if you have already what tips of the trade do you have to share?