What A Group of Fifth Graders Taught Me About Self-Love

I recently had the chance to participate in an amazing event that focused on teaching a group fifth grade girls how to love themselves.  In fact, the event was called “Love Yourself Day” and experiencing the love and confidence that filled the room from these beautiful young ladies not only moved me to tears but also taught me some lessons on self-love that we all can use every now and then. 

1.  ROCK On-The thing about fifth graders is that they have an innate confidence that they ROCK!  That’s why they can wear rainbow striped socks with a polka dot skirt, they are still comfortable in their skin and because of that they live with the ability to “rock” on no matter what.

2.  Don’t stop believing- As we grow older and experience the “real world” our skepticism of the dreams and wishes we once shared grows as well.   Remember what it was like to be your younger self, when you believed that everything was possible?  Let’s get that back, we need to continue to believe that we can and we will be and do what we are purposed to do in life.  Remember, we all are given a purpose but it’s up to us to have the faith and belief to walk in it!

3. Live in color -Fifth graders or children in general see the world and all its beauty in color. Therefore, they live more color-filled lives.  Think about when you talk to a child and they tell you a story, it’s imaginative and filled with all sorts of tales.  It’s time for us to get out grey and back into the colorful way of thinking. 

4. Having a “SQUAD” rules-  The thing about self-love is that it involves more than just you. As we dig deeper into loving ourselves having a great support system to encourage you and let you know that your amazing is essential.  Having that ‘squad” that accepts you for who you and pushes you to be better makes your self-love journey even better.  Lastly,

5.  Be happy- The happiness that exuded from the faces of these fifth grade girls as they spoke and performed was contagious.  They were genuinely happy as they ran around with their friends or saw their parents in the crowd, they are just happy with the little things because they don’t understand the “larger’ things yet.  We need to get back to being happy with the little things, the things that genuinely make us happy.  Get up and dance, go eat your favorite food, watch your favorite television show! Whatever it is that you love to do, do it and watch the difference it makes in discovering who you are and how to love you!

Our girls are phenomenal miniature representations of who we once were and we owe it to them to help be everything they are destined to be in the future, just like they can teach us a thing or two. So take some time and spend with a young lady in your life, you will be surprised what you will learn!