Nonprofit Tuesday: How to Slay the Nonprofit Game Using Facebook (Pt 2)

Last week,  I introduced the “SLAY Series” which outlines tools and best practices you can use to elevate your nonprofit to the next level.   So far, we have discussed how you can use YouTube for Nonprofits and this week we are going to focus on Facebook.

Facebook has an estimated 1.35 billion users globally with over 860 million daily active users. Your ability to use Facebook as a platform to elevate your nonprofit is absolutely essential.  Your donors, your volunteers, board members are all using Facebook and so should you!  Let’s jump right in on how you can make it happen.

1. Create Facebook page- If you have not already done so, stop what you’re doing (after you read this post…lol) and create your nonprofit Facebook page.  This is separate from your personal page and dedicated only to your organization.  Guess what? Just like YouTube, Facebook also has a Facebook for Nonprofits Guide on how to setup a nonprofit page.  Click here to use it-Facebook for Nonprofits Guide

2. Create a “Donate Now” Call to Action- Once you setup your Facebook page, make sure to create a donate now call to action tab.   This will allow people to donate to your organization. Creating a call to action is easy, click here to do so- Facebook "Donate Now" Button (please note: Facebook is still rolling thisfunction out so if it is not available for your nonprofit, make sure to choose another call-to-action such as sign-up now to keep track of followers).

3. Get on “Fundraisers”- In 2016 Facebook is scheduled to roll out “Fundraisers” which will be a dedicated place to raise funds from your already created Facebook page. With “Fundraisers” you will be able to tell your organizations story, rally supporters, collect donations and track progress toward your fundraising goals. Even better, people will now have the ability to donate directly on your Facebook page and whenever they share one of your posts the donate now button will always be shared with it.  Right now. To sign up to get on the rollout of Fundraisers and/or to get information on when this will be available, sign up here-Fundraisers for Facebook

4. Engage! Engage! Engage!- Engagement with your page is essential to keep people inspired and motivated to continue to follow your organization.  People are connected to causes they believe in.  If you want them to believe in your cause, you must keep them engaged.  Post pictures, videos and updates on a regular basis.   Engage the people that “like” your page by posing questions and polls.   Remember “likes” aren’t everything is the people that like your page aren’t engaging with it.

The thing about Facebook is that it can get overwhelming so it’s up to you to use it as tool that can help promote, engage and connect with your supporters.  If you use it in the right way you will see results.  Happy connecting!