2016 Fun Business Essentials Haul

Hi Everyone! As we enter in 2016 one of my goals is to add more to The Kismet Life blog and brand.  In doing so I'm going to introduce some new series to the blog, in addition to the 35 for 35 series (if you haven't checked that out make sure to do so), I'm also introducing a monthly series on the business tools that I'm using or that I feel will be great for you to walk in your purpose.  These tools can be apps.books, tools, products..etc but I want to make sure that I share this information because like I always say "sharing is caring".   

So with that said, here's my first fun business haul for tools that I'm using to usher in 2016.  I have also included close up pictures below and links to where you can get each item.  As always if you have any questions feel free to comment below and remember to be destined, walk in purpose and live your best kismet life!