These Are My Confessions (PT 1)

I have a confession to make…my name is Lachelle and I’m a recovering “comparison addict”.  What is a comparison addict you ask? It’s someone who spends time and energy comparing their success to others.  You know, we spend time thinking that we should be at a certain level because someone else is, we compare ourselves and our business to others that we deem “successful” and we often feel as If we are not where we should be in life because someone else that is the same age, demographic…etc., is where we want to be.  Yup, we “comparison addicts” can be a self-deprecating bunch.

Here’s the deal, I’m not one that is against healthy competition. Sometimes you need to know who is doing things similar and you also need to know who to look up too.  Who are those people that set the foundation for the path that you are walking on and who are the trendsetters that are going to join you as you change the world that you live in.  But, we have to find a balance between following those you admire and becoming someone who compares your level of success to theirs. 

Like I said above, my name is Lachelle and I’m in the “recovery” process of comparison addiction, so if you find yourself heading down that road here are five steps that you can use to help you out of it:

1.       Unplug yourself:  Sometimes we have to take a break from all things social.  Believe me as someone who is a huge believer in the use of social media for business and branding, I also understand that sometimes we have to take time to walk away from it.  Social media can be overwhelming; everyone is someone that is doing something.  When you find yourself comparing your brand, business and more to others online, UNPLUG your mind and log off.

2.       Get list making:  We often sell ourselves short when it comes to our own accomplishments. When you find yourself in a comparison state, get you’re your journal, notebook or a piece of paper and start listing your accomplishments.  I’m almost certain that after you review the list you will start to brush your own shoulders off.

3.       Talk it out:  By now you should have a great set of people in your purpose circle.  These are your accountability partners, your entrepreneurial friends, the change-makers that you can confide in. Call them and talk it out, let them how your feeling. They are there to help so let them. 

4.       Get up and out:  We already talked about how to “unplug” yourself, how about also getting up and out.  Take some time for yourself and do something that you love to do.  Whether it is yoga, writing, eating.   Go out and take some time for yourself, walk away from the things that keep you in a state of constant comparison and have some fun.

5.       Get centered:  For me this is prayer but it may be different for you.  Find what bring you back to “center”, what made you do what you are doing in the first place.  Get back to that point and remind yourself that you have a purpose that only you can fulfill and that your walk is not the same as someone else’s.   Get back to the point of the matter and you will find yourself no longer focused on what others are doing but what you can do to help others.

The thing is we often see the end results of success but don’t understand what it took for someone to get there.   It takes work, sacrifice and sometimes tears so instead of comparing yourself to someone else’s book, start writing your own chapter.