Five on Five: Five Ways To Stay Motivated to Accomplish Your Goals

Today, let’ talk about motivation.  More specifically, let’s discuss how to stay motivated when truthfully you just don’t feel like it.  We’ve all had those days when we just aren’t feeling it (cues/start singing …”it’s just one of those days” by Monica) when you just aren’t motivated or inspired to do anything.  Sometimes we even get into ruts in which we find ourselves in seasons of having to push through to accomplish the goals we set because the motivation, energy and inspiration that we had to the start of the race left us midway through and now our pace has slowed and we feel like giving up. 

I recently did a Periscope with Kyshira Moffett of about how we can be intentional with completing the goals that we set  Definitely check it out and check out the below tips to keep us motivated and intentional as we close out year.

1. Reexamine your motivation- Look at what motivated you in the first place to set/accomplish that goal or dream and take some time to see if that motivation has changed.  If it has changed, examine why it has changed and what is needed to reignite that motivation.  Maybe the goal is no longer relevant to the direction that your life is headed or maybe it is harder than what you originally thought.  Either way make sure to take some quiet time and reflect on how you can get back on track.

2. Create a vision board- Vision boards are a great way to stay inspired and motivated on the tasks/goals at hand.  I’m someone that is very visual, I like to see things, I create lists and check off tasks as I accomplish them and I find that having a vision board has help me to see the goals that I have set for the year on a daily basis.  It keeps me visually motivated to keep pushing through.

3. Tap into others-Sometimes all you need to get back on track is to be surrounded by individuals who are doing the same thing as you or who you know will encourage you to keep going.  Having that purpose circle or friend/family that you can vent to and lean on is always great to have in your corner.

4. Recognize your progress-We often look at how far we need to go and not at how far we came. Make sure to celebrate both the small and large accomplishments as you push forward.  I’m sure you can smile knowing that you’re not where you were when you first started pursuing goal.

5. Relax! Relate! Release!- As the great Whitley Gilbert once said, relax, relate, release. We have to take some time to relax and breathe.  Everything is not going to be smooth sailing and that’s okay because it’s the bumps that get us through and teach us to persevere.  Take so time to relax and release the stress that may be holding you back, go on a trip, take yoga, read a book.  Whatever it is that you do that brings you back to focus do it because if you’re not mentally healthy staying motivated is nearly impossible.

What about you? What are some tips that you can give to stay motivated and focused?