Five on Five: Five People You Need on your Super Team

Today officially marks that start of one of the most wonderful times of the year-FOOTBALL Season!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a football fan! Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA you are practically wrapped in the Steeler’s Terrible Towel when you come out of the womb, so I was very excited to write this blog about the five people you need on your team with a football spin on things.  Let’s start building SUPER teams!

Teammate #1- The Quarterback: This is essential.  On a football team the quarterback is the leader of the team, he calls the plays and handles the ball. On your team this is YOU! You are the leader of your team, you’re the person who will call the plays and handle the business. You lead the team to victory and should be honored to do so.

Teammate #2-The Center-In football this is the player that snaps the ball to the quarterback on every play and handles the ball on every play. On your team, your center is person you trust the most to hold your business in their hands.  It’s the person that on every play you come into contact with them and is one of your most trusted confidants.  This is your secondhand woman/man, your VP.

Teammate #3-The Running Back- This is the player that runs the football.  Sometimes referred to as the wingbacks.  On your team this will be your wingman this is the person that you can give your ideas or things to and you trust that they will run with it and score. This is the creative one.

Teammate #4-The Fullback- In football the fullback is the one who is blocking for the running back and this player also protects the QB (Quarter Back). On Team YOU this is the person that will be the first line of defense and blocks things from happening to you.  This is the logical one.

Teammate #5-The Wide Receiver- In football the wide receiver catches the ball and eludes the defenders.  On your team this is the player makes the big plays and seals the deal.   This is who you send out to meet clients and create the atmosphere.  This is the salesperson, you throw them the information they take it and get a touchdown.

I hope this helps you think about the power players when building your team and/or purpose circles.  Remember that people you surround yourself with are equally as important when building your brand and business.

Choose wisely and remember to  #BeDestined, #BeInspired and live #TheKismetLife!