STOP Doing That!

As the countdown to 2016 takes on full effect we are often filled with hope, determination and will power to enter the New Year with gumption needed to go after our goals.  Believe me, I am right with you.  I love the feeling of starting out new but as someone who is constantly working on her business and purpose, I have to be honest in saying that I’m always setting goals and I’m always trying to reach new levels of purpose.  That’s why this year, I wanted to look at things a bit differently. 

One of my all-time favorite books is “Good to Greatby Jim Collins.  I was given this book my first year in graduate school and I constantly use it as source of guidance and inspiration when I’m at a point in which I’m trying to reach new levels.  One of the aspects of the books that I must say that I didn’t really pay that much attention to until now is the concept of the “stop doing that list”.  Collins suggest that you need to answer the following three questions

1) What are you deeply passionate about?
2) What are you are genetically encoded for — what activities do you feel just "made to do"?
3) What makes economic sense — what can you make a living at?

After you answer the questions, see if they align with what you are currently doing, if not then it’s time to create a “Stop Doing That” list. A think of it as a document that list the things that are either taking you away or distracting you from your purpose.   

Let’s look at me for an example

1. What are you deeply passionate about?

Helping people to realize their full potential in life so that they can walk in that purpose

2. What are you genetically encoded for-what activities do you feel you’re just “made to do”?

Activities that help me get closer to my purpose, so that I can help others walk in theirs such as hosting seminars and classes, creating workbooks, partnering with people that are like-minded, helping those within my community, speaking engagements…

3. What makes economic sense-what can you make a living at?

Launching my own business service product line, speaking engagement, business partnerships, effectively running my own business, building my brand.

Now after looking at my answers to those questions, I have to take a long deep inventory of what are the things that I need to STOP doing in order to make the above come true.   As I continue to build my list on a more practical level, I wanted to leave you with the five things that I came up with on a deeper level.  Five things that I feel that not just myself but we all have to stop doing if we want to fully walk in purpose in 2016 and beyond.

1. STOP Doubting Yourself- It’s time to let go the self-doubt! Doubting yourself gets you nowhere in life but sitting on the corner of shoulda, coulda, wouda.  Don’t allow yourself to wonder what if, because you doubted you could do it in the first place.

2. STOP Living in Fear- We always talk about this but fear (sometimes known as false, evidence, appearing, real) is debilitating and will leave you “handicapped” from walking in your full potential.  The bad thing is that fear and self-doubt often hang together so if you invite one in you invite its buddy.  STOP inviting this into your spirit and into your purpose.  

3. STOP Procrastinating- This one is definitely one that I struggle with and it’s not because I don’t want to do that work, it’s because I often find myself walking harder and not smarter.  Because of that, I end up stressed out and rushing to complete things.  This is not good for business and it’s definitely not good for my mental health.   

4. STOP Comparing Yourself- This is a hard one because we are in a society in which everything is thrown at us all the time.  We compare our relationships, our bodies, our careers and businesses to others all the time but comparison is the enemy greatness.  I’ve learned a long time ago that the grass is not always greener and sometime when we take the time look at our own grass we have beautiful roses that have been planted.  We have to take the time to smell our own roses and stop comparing ourselves to others.  

5. Living for Others- I spent a huge part of my twenties and early thirties living for what others, or rather in the box of the who people that I was, how they thought I should act and what they thought I should do.  That is exhausting!  Stop living for others and live for yourself.  We only get one life to live and if we aren’t living it walking in our purpose in the way that we want, what is the point.  We are not porcelain dolls and its okay to crack and to fall down as long as you’re doing it your way than that’s all that matters.  

Just remember, sometimes it’s the things that we stop doing that matter more than the things we are doing.

Bonus:  As my way of giving THANKS to you for reading my blog and supporting me and because I know the feeling of freedom you get from creating a “STOP DOING THAT” list, I’m gifting you with your very own “Stop Doing That List” worksheet.  Feel free to print it out and start your list.  I hope it helps you get closer to your purpose!

Click on the below image to get your "Stop Doing That" Worksheet today!